About Me

I am a woman who loves books, art, and logic, but the sensual arts have proven to be an undeniably perfect match for both my client and myself.

I’m a woman of the world who has a bachelor’s degree and also am a current student with aspirations for a master’s in psychology, and have traditionally held a day job that has sent me to various parts of the world to tell many different people’s stories. I’m a total word nerd, speak Spanish and am currently studying Japanese when I’ve finished my day’s coursework.

On the outside, my slender body is decorated with a bit of my life’s story in ink, as well as a delicate septum piercing. I have a soft crown of shoulder-length auburn locks, dark green eyes, and the features of my face give me an air of eastern European descent though I’m from the Emerald City of Seattle. Dare I say I’m something of a beauty? With a toned-but-not-too-toned, athletic-yet-feminine look, that shows devotion to a variety of athletic adventures including yoga, kickboxing, and surfing.

I’m no runway model. But standing at 5’8”, I carry myself with grace and elegance, and wear my body very well. I think you’ll like it! I love deeply, and possess an enigmatic combination of intelligence, nerdiness, razor-sharp wit, and down-to-earth playfulness. I’m a language enthusiast, and love to travel the world and meet others who have done the same. I love to share and collect stories. Nonetheless, however “normal” you may find yourself to be, there is always something that fascinates me about every human being who walks through my door.

I can’t wait to meet you!