The best engagement is one that progresses smoothly. Should you have any questions about my expectations, look for the answer below, or email me at penelope.querida@protonmail.com. If you’re unsure of something, ’tis better safe than sorry.

I don’t have access to an email account to contact you. Can we talk over the phone?

I understand the need for discretion, and odds are that I will totally get where you’re coming from, and the reason that using email for this type of thing just isn’t your bag. However, just as much as you value your safety and discretion in your own particular fashion, I also value mine. I do this work because I absolutely love it, and that means that I only see guests who first provide me a certain and particular level of comfort, and unfortunately, our two comfort levels just might not align. Part of what makes me such an exceptional muse is my acute sense of perception, and the process of screening through email allows me to glean enough information about you to reach a close enough comfort level. And trust me, the more comfortable I am, the more enchanting your experience will be.

Why do you only provide Incall Bodywork for first-time guests?

I choose to forestall Companionship arrangements until you’ve become an established friend, which usually comes after two engagements. I do this because when I engage in Companionship, I really get into it, and therefore prefer that the energy being created during the our time together is organic and natural. I pick up on small cues and subtleties in your presence that I would not have the chance to observe as a perfect stranger. I greatly enjoy what I do and feel that any time I’m “faking it”, it’s not only draining for me, but more importantly, it doesn’t provide the best possible experience for you either.

Do you enjoy what you do and why do you do it?

Yes, I absolutely love it. I have been involved in the sensual arts for around five years, during which my practice went through much evolution. I seem to enjoy it more every year. I’ve found ways to weave all of my personal strengths from several fields of study and passion to create an elaborate blanket to wrap any human being in and make them feel more alive, and more like themselves than they possibly have for some time. My work is rewarding in a myriad of ways, and yes, I do indeed enjoy it very much.

Where is your “Etiquette” page and how do I know what to do when I see you?

Once we’ve completed your screen and established an appointment day, time, type and length, I will send you a confirmation email. This email will have location information as well as detailed instructions on how to safely arrive and behave at my incall so as to avoid any innocent yet unfortunate missteps. You’ll need to read this email thoroughly and reply that you’ve done so.

I can’t afford your rates. Can you give me a discount?

No. My rates are non-negotiable and any request for a concession of the stated worth of my time will result in an end to our communication.