Experience one of Seattle’s most beloved, red-headed flames. Welcome to my world! Here, the freedom for revelry is a basic human luxury.

I am told that I am captivating. Do you want to laugh with abandon and get lost in a good, (usually) adult-rated story? Do you want me to bait you with my eyes into a sultry game of cat and mouse? Do you just want to be heard, felt, and loved? From the tips of my eyelashes to the tops of my manicured toes, I am the epitome of an alternative type of elegance, combined with a truly unusual sense of curiosity. I am fluid in many surroundings and can adapt to any situation.

I can usually find a question to which I truly must know the answer, and I have a certain relentlessness which just may allow me to obtain it.

Location Seattle, WA
Availability Incall, Outcall for Established Friends
Height 5’8”
Weight 140/Slim
Body Type Toned & Curvy
Hair Color Red
Age 36
Clientele Men